WILLIAM ALEXANDER LUMSDEN is a interdisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the subject of human identity. His work is realised through the physical process of deconstruction, where the subject is broken down (de-structed) and built up (con-structed) in an attempt to explore new forms in different media.

ARTIST STATEMENT “The human capacity to transform something into emotions is immense. Each piece for me is a new opportunity to explore and challenge my own thinking. Thereby probing my conscience to comprehend what moral ideals I am willing to be guided by. My process is based on direct observation and memory. All informed by my immediate surroundings, which help me to see and feel."

Lumsden has exhibited nationally and internationally in a number of commercial, public and artist-led spaces including Orion Contemporary (London), Westminster Art Reference Library Gallery (London), District & Co (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic); Scheffer Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Gothia Towers (Gothenburg, Sweden), Green Rooms (Edinburgh, Scotland), Tarbeach Gallery (London).

Lumsden has run a range of colour seminars around the world and was a guest lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore in 2013. He is currently investigating the process of casting bronze sculptures at Bronze Age Sculpture Foundry, London.  



Lumsden’s art projects have community focus at its core.  

Orion Contemporary London ‘Human Conditions' (2016)

Building on interactions at 'The Jungle' refugee / migrant camp Calais, France. 

Westminster Arts Reference Library ‘The Human Zoo’ (2015)
Exhibition incorporated a series of public discussion ‘THE HUMAN ZOO – HUMAN NATURE THROUGH THE EYES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENCE AND ARTNTEXT OF THE METROPOLIS’. Discussion revolving the stark contrast of opportunities and side-effects of living in megacities.

The Gallery – Gothia Towers ‘Based on a true story’, Gothenburg (2014) 
The project aim was to support the local dock workers in a time of turmoil. The project tried to facilitate public debate by sharing information, and bringing together key stakeholders to discuss socio-economic challenges concerning the inner city harbour. Thus enabling local community members to meet face to face with the city’s chief architect, sociologists, historians, and other decision makers.

Menier Gallery London ‘Necropolis’, London (2013)
Gallery show linked to Red-Thread charity – delivering creative workshops for youths perviously admitted to King’s College Hospital A&E. Project focused on raising self-confidence through different creative interactions and introduced youths to a selection of new locations including The Prince’s Drawing School. Special activities included: Charity Fundraising workshop; Press-preview with Council representatives; Sandbox business networking events; Live soundscape performances; and implementing mobile systems to donations.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre ‘Odyssey’, Gothenburg (2012)
Solo show in lobby area of the biggest literary festival in Scandinavia. The artwork focused on the ever-changing industrial landscape of this industrial city by the sea. Show interacted with public through various low-tech interactive stations.

TarBeach Gallery Brixton ‘Overground / Underground’, London (2011)
Exhibition theme built around London and the 2011 summer riots. As part of the exhibition Lumsden held creative workshops for local community members of all ages, with community groups utilising the space as a forum for discussion. As a result of this, Lumsden was approached by Lambeth Council to run workshops for their young offenders arts initiative.

Altos de Chavon Gallery ‘Dominican Earth’, La Romana (2010)
Multimedia portrait-sculpture exhibition featuring recorded interviews from each sitting. Sitters were free to reflect on life in the Dominican Republic and the stark contrasts of this hierarchical society. Recording stations were left in the gallery for visitors to record their own thoughts and experiences.\\




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